Akbar Bugti’s grandson among six killed in Karachi firing incident

Six people, including the grandson of former chief of Jamhoori Watan Party Nawab Akbar Bugti, were killed in a firing incident in the Defence area of Karachi late Sunday night.

The incident took place outside house no 121, on 7th street, Khayaban-e-Rahat in Defence Phase VI, at around 2am.

At the time of the incident, a dance party was taking place at the residence of Nasir. Two groups clashed at the entrance of the house, and a scuffle broke out over who would enter the premises first. The groups opened fire at each other, killing six people and injuring nine others.

According to District Superintendent Police (DSP) Gizri Zameer Abbasi, the dead have been identified as Taleh Bugti, Iqbal, Kamran, Moon and Joseph. One girl was also killed in the incident. Her name could not be verified, but she was referred to as Bunty in the police report.

The injured include Zeeshan Ziauddin, Zaid Fazl, Faraz Ameer, Irfan Adnan, Qamar, Shahbaz, Bilal and Essa.

The police reached the area 30 minutes after the firing occurred, and confiscated equipment from the premises. This included lights, liquor, the the DJ’s equipment.

Police also confiscated arms and ammunition from the premises. According to evidence found at the site, police said that 9MM pistols, Kalashnikovs and SMGs were used by the groups during the firing incident.

Three cars have also been impounded by the police.

The police has taken the owner of the house for questioning, and are searching for Arif Roger, the main accused in the incident.

The Express Tribune

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2 Responses to Akbar Bugti’s grandson among six killed in Karachi firing incident

  1. therealpicture says:

    This is to inform all of those who have been publishing erroneous
    information regarding Taleh Bugti’s murder; a clarification from an
    eyewitness of what exactly happened and how.

    Taleh Bugti along with his friends had been INVITED to the party with
    his friends. The party was limited to a mere 80 guests between the age
    range of 18-30. The party was arranged by Arif Raajar and Faisal

    Ten minutes after Taleh and his friends had entered the party and had
    been seated inside, There was a small chaos at the gate after which
    the man who is claimed to be Dr Iqbal(surname of whom is still
    unknown) walked inside with a few men. He fired into the air. People
    started running around and a chaos was created. Dr. Iqbal then pointed
    the gun at another man, Taleh stood up to calm the situation down.
    There was harsh exchange of words after which Dr. Iqbal shot straight
    at Taleh.

    Taleh, had a gun on him(which he kept with him for safety) which he
    immediately took out and fired back. Since he fired incessantly while
    he was injured it not only killed Iqbal but also several others and
    injured a few. The rest of the people either fell down, ran into the
    house or outside on the road.

    Outside, taleh’s guards and others started open firing and shooting in
    the air in anger and commotion. Taleh was taken to the hospital by his
    friends. First to jinnah hospital and then to south city where he was
    pronounced dead.

    Arif Raajar and Faisal Patakha had vanished from the scene right after
    Taleh was shot at. The last time that Arif Raajar was scene was at the
    door when Iqbal came in with his men.

    Queries about this murder according to the people visiting bugti bolak:

    Who is Dr. Iqbal? Why has his body not been claimed yet? Why have the
    police not been able to find out about his identification details?

    Why did Iqbal fire straight at Taleh knowing that his guards were
    standing right outside and he would not have been able to go

    Why are the news channels propogating this sad demise of lives as a
    scandalous sensational affair of the rich?

    Why is the investigation of the respective authorities focused on why
    this happened in the first place rather than banning dance parties and
    NOCs being given to people for such events.

    Was the police taking bribes and giving the noc to the people
    arranging the parties at this house as this house is often used for
    Its heart breaking to see that the family which has already given so
    much blood at the cost of the state has again fell victim to cold
    blood murder and yet the survivors are now the ones being prosecuted
    by the state.

    Its an arms race and the racers have invaded into the lives of our
    children. Maybe that should be the focus of the investigation instead.

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