Rangers killed young boy in Karachi : Youth laid to rest, condemnations pour in

Funeral prayers of the youth shot dead in a public park by Rangers were held in Karachi on Thursday.

Scores of people attended the funeral prayers of 25-year-old matric student Sarfaraz Shah, who was shot at point blank range in a public park in an incident filmed live and broadcast on television on Wednesday.  Shah’s body has been taken by relatives for burial.

Earlier, Shah’s relatives took his body and protested outside the house of the Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah demanding that the soldiers be arrested. The CM ordered an inquiry and suspended a senior police official for charging the youth with robbery after his death. Police subsequently arrested the five Rangers involved in the incident. The Rangers claim that Shah had tried to rob a policeman’s family. A police official later told AFP on condition of anonymity that only a toy gun had been recovered.

Condemnations aplenty

Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani took notice of the killing on Thursday, and ordered an inquiry into the matter. The prime minister promised to personally handle the incident.

Senator Raza Rabbani compared the extra-judicial killing to the Kharotabad killing in which five foreigners were shot dead by security officials.

President of the Supreme Court Bar Association and prominent human rights activist, Asma Jahangir also condemned the killing.

“Seeing this, anyone can guess how brutalised our society has become,” Jahangir told AFP.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik ordered the arrest of the soldiers involved and a departmental inquiry.

“This act is extremely unlawful, even if the youth was a robber it did not merit to kill him like this,” Malik told TV channels.

“The suspects in the incident have been arrested. I have ordered for a thorough inquiry.”

Footage of the incident, filmed by an unidentified cameraman, was broadcast repeatedly on local television stations.

In it, a soldier can be seen dragging the man, then throwing him towards half a dozen armed comrades, one of whom then shot the 25-year-old twice at point-blank range as he begged for his life.

The park where the incident took place is named after assassinated former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, whose family home is in Clifton.

The Express Tribune

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7 Responses to Rangers killed young boy in Karachi : Youth laid to rest, condemnations pour in

  1. Sohail Ahmed says:

    Kuch dil ko tasalee nai ho rahi, lagta to sub plant kia howa hai, aor agar souch hai to Rangers kay seth electronic Media aor courts ko band kar dayna chaya ,kiun kay yah ko drama ya film nai,eik insan tha, ab to media walloo nay comments be layna aor un kay jawab main statements aana sharoo ho gai hon gi,,International level dekha raha hai,,,,koi to souchay???????
    Afsos sed Afsos

  2. Faraz says:

    Justice done..ppl like this should be burnt alive instead of just putting a bullet in their head…they should be tortured to death…they have made life of karachite a miserable hell…cox of ppl like this everyone is scared of carrying a laptop or a valuable mobile…and as expected since the brother of this youth is a media press reporter…so they’ll take undue advantage of their position and will try to prove this youth’s innocence…God knows when will the media personnel and the TV channels will become responsible

    • Azhar says:

      Your name indicates that you are Muslim. Please correct your knowledge about the religion you follow. Islam does not allow to kill even a murderer as have done our BrAvE rAnGeRs. Such type of Rangers should be hanged publicly after their trial.

    • Ali says:

      So M Faraz, let me see your brother getting shot by ranger even if he is proved to be thief or what ever they are calling him. How would you feel if you were at his place or one of your love once Idiot. Do you have any heart, or human feelings , just because your laptop or cell phone is more valuable than a life. i just don’t have word to explain here you idiot. i hope you read this comment. i am leaving my email down ,reply me if you got courage. SOB !

  3. Muhammad Naeem Khan says:

    It sends the coldest shiver down ones spine to see our “Brave Rangers” on a reckless killing spree all around. Kharot Abad incident was still haunting the nation when another brutality and highhandedness of Sher Jwans of Rangers surfaced in Karachi. The terrified youth was begging to get his life spared but the hysteric Defenders of our boarders paid no heed. If the young man was a criminal he should have been tried in the court. Dumbfounded civil society asks do these butchers really belong to an organized law enforcement agency. Are the human beings at all? Haven’t our top brasses let loose this pack of hungry wolves upon the innocent citizens of Karachi while the criminals are allowed to roam freely? It is anybody’s imagination that what these trained murders could have done to the people in far flung areas. After witnessing the gruesome killings of innocent Chechens in Kharot Abad and Sarfraz shah in Karachi by Rangers, one is bound to think that time is getting fast out of joint. Would there be someone to set it right.

  4. ayno says:

    ye rangers haraam ki olaad hyn haraam mout hi marren ge sarey k sarey inshaAllah us maan ki bad dua in haraamion ko un k anjaam tak zaroor le k jaen gi sirf us masoom larke ki family hi nai hum sabb ki bad duen un haraamion ko sabak sikhaen gi inshaAllah……………………………. marren ge sab k sab haraam mout marren ge ya in ka koi apna family member unki jaga marry ga to in haraamion ko pta lage ga……

  5. Abdul Sami says:

    Thanks to d camera man to have live visual, God bless him. These r d black sheep of Pakistan, who have killed d young man & snatched d shelter of his family. On doomsday d concerned have to reply this action.

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