Nato Forces Violated Pakistani Airspace

Nato forces violated Pakistani airspace on Monday as two of its helicopters intruded into the Pakistani territory.

Sources said that two Nato choppers entered the Pakistani airspace to hunt insurgents in the border area of North Waziristan Agency (NWA). The Nato helicopters entered the border area, claiming that five members of the Haqqani network have been arrested after the search operation. It is worth mentioning here that two Nato helicopters had violated Pakistan’s airspace at Admi Kot post in North Waziristan Agency last week and had fired at the army check post, injuring two security personnel.

Meanwhile, tribesmen and citizens have expressed their anguish over repeated violation of airspace by Nato in the border areas. Criticising the suspicious silence of the country’s leadership over Nato violations, they said that sovereignty of the country has been ruined in the hands of the current rulers.

They urged the armed forces to appropriately protest the violation by Nato forces to ensure safety of the citizens. Unconfirmed reports from intelligence sources said that five Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leaders were arrested Monday morning in the Gorvait area of North Waziristan by Nato forces and later taken away by two Nato helicopters to Afghanistan.

According to the sources, who asked to remain anonymous, the action was taken by the Nato forces without informing the Pakistani government. If so, this is yet another Abbottabad-like operation taken by the foreign forces on the Pakistani soil without the knowledge of the Pakistani side.

Political agent of North Waziristan also confirmed the news. So far there is no official report about the Monday morning’s operation taken by the Nato forces in North Waziristan.

On May 2, the US forces conducted a raid in Pakistan’s northwestern city of Abbottabad, during which al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden was killed in his compound. As the US side did not inform the Pakistani side until the raid was over, it led to a strong protest from the Pakistani side as Pakistan considers the unilateral action taken by the United States has seriously violated its sovereignty.

The Nation

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