TV host Begum Nawazish Ali beats up his mother

The host of a popular television talk show landed in police lock up for allegedly beating up his mother while under the influence of alcohol. The host, actor, scriptwriter and impressionist Ali Saleem of Begum Nawazish Ali-fame show, was arrested by the city police from his mother’s residence in Bani Gala on Thursday on her complaint.

Later, her mother withdrew her complaint. However, Saleem was booked for being heavily drunk as his alcohol test was positive, said police.

“He was heavily drunk and had beaten up his mother breaking her nose,” said a police official. “He almost killed her. She survived because he was so drunk that he could not maintain his balance for long,” added another police official.

Till the filing of this report, Saleem was behind the bars in Bhara Kahu Police Station as the police refused his bail plea. “His alcohol tests were positive. We will send him to jail,” said a police official. The court will decide on his bail application, he added.

Police said the possession of a house in Bani Gala was the cause of dispute between Saleem and his mother Farzana. He asked his mother to pay him over a billion rupees for the cost that he had bore on the construction of the house.

Police said the house was registered in the name of his mother. However, Saleem claimed that it was his property. His mother was willing to pay him eight million rupees for the house while he was insisting on Rs5 million more.

According to police, 60-year-old Farazana was living in the house alone while Saleem used to visit her occasionally from Lahore. On Thursday, he had come to see her while he was heavily under the influence of alcohol.

After a verbal brawl with her, he started beating her up. One blow of Saleem’s fist broke her nose and she started bleeding. She got a chance to call her brother who arrived along with his family and rescued Farzana. Police was then called on the scene.

An official said that Saleem would be produced before the court for sending him to jail on judicial remand on Friday.

The Express Tribune

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