Kuwait bans visas for Pakistani, Afghan nationals

Kuwait has banned nationals from five countries, including Pakistan, from entering the Gulf country, according to immigration sources quoted by Kuwaiti media.

The ban, imposed on nationals from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, includes suspending all tourism, visit and trade visas as well as visas sponsored by spouses,Kuwaiti media reported.

The ban was attributed to the “difficult security conditions in the five countries” and to “the remarkably increasing tendency of nationals from the five countries to apply for visas to bring in relatives who faced or could face arrest by local authorities,” said the reports.

The sources said the authorities insisted that no exception in the visa application will be welcomed.

However, they also mentioned that the ban was temporary and would be lifted once the security situation was stabilised.

Pakistan has come under intense international pressure after a unilateral operation by the US on May 2, in which the world’s most wanted man Osama bin Laden was killed. Bin Laden was found hiding a stone’s throw from Pakistan Military Academy, Kakul, in the garrison town of Abbottabad.

The Express Tribune

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3 Responses to Kuwait bans visas for Pakistani, Afghan nationals

  1. shahzad raja says:

    shame on us actually as pakistani here in kuwait as we even cnt keep our families with us. my family is already here in kuwait and they are not stamping their visa just because of this all. i have not done anything wrong but i am suffering just because of sleeping embassy of pakistan here in kuwait who cnt protect our rights here ………… shame on us as a national

  2. SOHAIB AHMED says:

    HI BRO JST I REAd ur comments that shame on us means shame for pakistanis bro let me tell u one thing its a fake it is totally bull shit that usama bin laden was in pak and killed on 2nd of may bro it was a drama created by obama no usama was killed coz he was not in pak and he was killed in tora bora afghanistan.its a white lie thts it nothing else.

  3. visapolicy says:

    Thanks for the news i had been trying to apply a Kuwait Visa… i were searching for this…will visit again..!!
    Please keep it up providing such nice information. Cheerzz..

    Visa for Pakistani

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