Pakistan’s peace band launch

The fabulous music of Sohail Rana, songs by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and lyrics from Eddie Vedder’s ‘Face of love’ filled the auditorium as ‘Aman The Band,’ a project by FACES Pakistan in joint collaboration with NCIDE to promote peace through music, was launched the other day at the Ali Institute of Education in Lahore.

A large number of music enthusiasts and young people attended the band’s launch. The 12-member Aman band consists of female vocalists Elaine, Beenish, Jharna, Samra, Sheryl and Sara and six instrumentalists Anees Ameera, Sunil Samuel, Waseem Qadir, Anil Sunny, Paul Maurice, Sujeel Samuel.

The band has Salman Albert, a renowned name in the music industry as their technical adviser, and it aims to spread the message of love, peace and harmony through both their songs and by paying tribute to music legends who have been working towards the same purpose. The famous rock band Entity Paradigm (EP) also attended the ceremony.
The idea for a band with such a cause was conceived by Javaid William, the honorary secretary at NCIDE and board member of FACES Pakistan.

Pakistan Today

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