I just made a few general comments: Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi will be pleading not guilty after receiving a notice from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for apparently criticising the team management.

Pakistan’s one-day captain confirmed on Tuesday that he has finally received a notice from the PCB in which the Board has asked him to explain his comments about the ‘differences within the tour management in West Indies’.

The letter sent to Afridi has been signed by Zakir Khan, PCB’s Director Cricket Operations.

“I have received a letter from the Board and will send my reply tomorrow,” he told ‘The News’ on Tuesday. “It’s all the result of misunderstanding and I’m sure the matter will be resolved soon.”

The Board was irked by reports which suggested that Afridi has openly commented on a suspected rift within the national team management.

However, Afridi stressed that he made a few ‘general comments’ after returning from Guyana following the one-day series against the West Indies. “I didn’t say anything that I haven’t said before,” he said.

On his return from Guyana on Sunday, Afridi told reporters: “I always say everyone should do their own job and it is not appropriate to interfere in matters of others. I am responsible for my work and the others are responsible for theirs.”

The PCB wasn’t pleased with his remarks and issued a statement saying: “It is a violation of Code of Conduct on part of Mr Afridi and an explanation has been sought from him for the reasons to make such statements publically.

PCB will take appropriate action after submission of the tour-report at the conclusion of the tour.”

The News

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