Chaudhry Nisar asks President to tell nation truth about Abbottabad operation

Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has asked President Asif Ali Zardari to take the nation into confidence and tell the nation truth about the US sting operation in Abbottabad that raised many questions.

Talking to newsmen at the Lahore Airport on Saturday, Nisar slammed the PPP government for keeping “mysterious silence” after May 2, incident, which he said tantamount to endangering security of the state.

Nisar said: “Either the rulers have knowledge about Abbottabad operation or highly incompetent,” he said, adding: “The government ignored international diatribe against Pakistan and failed to come up with some plausible official response in the wake of operation in Abbottabad.”

He further said that if President Asif Ali Zardari cannot speak truth he should quit his office. He was of the view that the country’s security institutions are answerable and he had raised question over the role of agencies. “Whosoever is responsible for negligence in Abbottabad operation must accept fault and tender resignation,” he said.

Nisar warned against traditional response from the government and said all options are open for the PML-N if the government tried to get away with Abbottabad issue. Someone has to pay the price of this incident, he said. He said they would raise 12 questions on the floor of the house and if no appropriate reply was given we would go to every extent and all options are opened. He said: “people have every right to ask questions which this government would have to respond.” He said the PML-N is holding a meeting on Tuesday in which future course of action would be adopted.

Opposition leader said the countrymen are feeling themselves insecure while US contractors and intelligence officials are free to move without any fear. He said he had raised the issue regarding presence of US citizens in Pakistan 6-time but could not get satisfactory reply. About 250 houses had been hired in Islamabad for US officials, he added.

He recalled that at the time when law enforcement agencies were capturing such covert operatives across the country, PML-N had demanded fair investigations and accountability of the apprehended ones, but government paid no heed to its demands. Answering a question about alliance between PML-Q and PPP, Nisar said that the PML-N has no doubts on this alliance. “Those who could not protect Pervez Musharraf, how can safeguard Asif Ali Zardari,” he said, adding: “There are strong reservations within PPP over alliance with the PML-Q.”

Pakistan Observer

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