US aid to Pakistan under threat

In the US Congress the knives seem to be out for Pakistan after Osama bin Laden’s killing in Abbotabad this week.Congressman Peter King said, “They’re at a cross roads and you cant be coming to Congress asking for 3 billion dollars after this after what happened and expect to get it without serious serious questions being asked.”Nobody’s talking of an immediate cutoff in aid – more likely no cut may happen given US dependence on Pakistani logistics to supply its forces in Afghanistan. In Islamabad, army chief General Kayani demanded the US pull out its estimated 3,000 military and intelligence people in Pakistan. And then issued a statement on how his men were caught napping when the SEALS struck.

“In the case of Osama bin Laden, while the CIA developed intelligence based on initial information provided by ISI, it did not share further development of intelligence on the case contrary to the existing practice.”

At a meeting of Corps Commanders, Kayani ordered an inquiry including how the US operation was carried out. Pakistan watchers in India say some heads in the army and ISI may roll to keep Washington happy and this will ensure continued flow of money from the US despite the widening trust deficit.

Salman Bashir said, “We owe no apology to anybody. What we do is in our national interest. Welcome cooperation but can also do it alone.”

But Washington’s hit list is long – the strike on Osama maybe the first of more to come. Kayani may end up playing catch up there too.

IBN Live

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