Rehman Malik Sealed Afghan Visa Section

In a surprise visit to the office of the Director General Passport located in sector G-10/4, Interior Minister Rehman Malik sealed its Afghan Visa Section for allegedly issuing illegal passports on Tuesday.

The minister also said that the security of sensitive installations across the country had been enhanced in the wake of Osama Bin Laden’s killing, as threats were being received from certain terrorist groups.

Malik took serious notice of the delay which was generally experience in the issuance of passports. The federal minister ordered arrest of two staffers of Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Passport Cell for allegedly issuing illegal visas to Afghan nationals.

During the raid, the minister spotted two officials of the passport cell trying to hide some passports. On recovery and subsequent scrutiny, the documents were found to be illegal.

All passports to be issued to the Afghan nationals were taken into custody, while the minister suspended three staffers of the cell who were trying to hide the passports. Malik also sought details of passports issued to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) from the Director General Passport.

At the occasion, Malik announced to enhance the salaries of contract employees equal to that of permanent employees. He also promised to provide eleven new printers and lamination machines required by the cell to meet deadlines.

Flexible shifts for the staff to enhance their performance were also announced. Malik claimed that the security agencies and police had foiled over a thousand would-be suicide attacks. Not disclosing the nature of threats received, he said security of the capital had been enhanced.

The Afghan visa section was ordered by Malik to remain closed till thorough investigations by the FIA.

The Express Tribune

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