Achievements of Pakistan Army in 2010

Pakistan Army is world’s 7th Largest Army, Pakistan Army has achieved a lot of titles throughout the career, but in this article we are going to point out the achievements in 2010. Achievements of Pakistan Army in calender year of 2010 are as follows,

    • A soldier of the Pakistani Army set up a Guinness world record by planting maximum plants in a time period of 24 hours by an individual.Muhammad Yousuf Jamil, Lance Naik in the Pakistani army, succeeded to sow 20,101 plants in 24 hours breaking the former world record of 15,170 which was made by Ken Chaplin, a Canadian citizen in 2001. Jamil broke the record in the time span of 18 hours and 40 minutes. Jamil also took the rest of four hours at night times.Jamil started planting saplings on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. local time after an inauguration ceremony in the presence of a representative of Guinness Book world records and foreign office in Pakistani eastern city of Gujranwala. Jamil traveled 35 kilometers while bending his back in an area of 12 acres for his project. Representatives of the Guinness World Record also rejected his poorly planted 400 plants.

    • Lieutenant General Muhammad Mustafa Khan, Core-Commander Mangla cantonment, appreciated him and gave him a prize of 600,000 rupees (6,976 U.S. dollars). Jamil had also been promoted in his rank. In July 2009, Pakistan has already received a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records in acknowledgment of planting as many as 541,176 mangrove trees by a team of some 300 volunteers in a day on 800 acres of land at Keti Bunder, district Thatta in Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh.

    • Pakistan Army’s Wrestler Azhar Hussain won 1st Gold Medal for Pakistan in 55 Kg free style weight category at 19th Common Wealth Games New Delhi, India by defeating his Nigerian opponent E.Welson. He has also won Silver Medal in Greeko Roman category at 19th Common Wealth Games and has brought laurels for the whole Pakistan nation. Sepoy Azhar Hussain belongs to Tehsil and District Muzaffargarh and is a resident of village Eisen Mohar. He joined Pakistan Army in year 2002 and was recruited in Baloch Regiment. During the initial days of his service, he competed in Unit / Formation level wrestling competitions and displayed excellent competitive skills of wrestling. Basing on his talent, he was selected to join Army Camp for further training under qualified Junior Commissioned Officer, Coach Subedar Hashim Ali.
    • Pakistan Army Win Gold Medal in “Cambrian Patrol” which is said to be one of the toughest patrolling test for military personnal.

      Exercise Cambrian Patrol is an annual patrolling competition that takes place throughout the Cambrian Mountains of mid-Wales. An internationally recognized military exercise, previous participants have included numerous European states, in addition to Commonwealth countries and the United States.
      The competition consists of teams of 8 men carrying up to 55 kilos each across some of the most unforgiving terrain. There have been account of teams trudging through bog land up to their waist for 4 hours only to cover 1.5 km. It’s a test of leadership, self discipline, courage and determination. The exercise usually starts with teams arriving at a Rendezvous before having their equipment checked to make sure they have everything required. Missing equipment will be replaced by dead weight and will mean points will be deducted. From there the team leader will be taken to orders while the rest of the team set up a quick hide, start their battle prep and prepare to receive orders i.e. prepare a model of the ground which will be covered during the patrol.
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  1. mujahid says:

    Pakistan ZindaBad….

  2. ahtisham aslam says:

    i love my pakistan army and i want to be a part of it.

  3. anmol says:

    pakistan zindabad …..

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